karolina beimcik



Zorya is a project created by Polish singer and violinist, Karolina Beimcik.


This musical venture has its roots in Slavic mythology and is a fresh representation of Eastern European folk music.The repertoire ranges from charming lullabies, and love songs of the forest. It also includes original compositions inspired by the history and culture of Central and Eastern Europe.

The music derives from small villages in the mountains, forests, and fields, and was sung by ordinary people.

In the Zorya project it is sung in the original dialects of the Kurpie and Lemko people.

Lemko's dialect is considered by many linguists to be the western-most dialect of the Ukrainian language. Lemko speech, however, includes patterns matching those of the surrounding Polish and Slovak languages, and might be seen as a transitional dialect to Polish and Slovak

Zorya is enriched by the artworks of eurythmic dancer and painter, Grażyna Maria Grobelna. Grażyna creates live visualizations during the performance by using an analog projector and drawing unique visual representations of the music.